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Testo Vitality better than a CT I just think with but you can see that the study here is relatively old and and it's sort of old Dogma and I think most people would say it just doesn't make sense not to do a CT cos exam you know you are gonna miss things and in this day and age where everybody gets a scan for everything and I think most into the urethra as you can see in the image as well when it comes to the prognostic you know staging and prognosis its prognosis is actually very important in terms of stating is important in terms of prognostication and you can see that with patients who have a nodal disease if they have more positive lymph nodes a greater than two generally they are found to have a much lower five-year survival rate as compared to patients who have less than two equal or less than two positive lymph nodes and also when with regard to pelvic pelvic lymph nodes I just wanted to touch base on that as well quickly patients were found to have a very poor five-year survival and when I looked at the studies that reported this for the most part these studies were looking at patients who had pelvic lymph nodes or public length of this section done